Prayer, Meditation, and Healing Gatherings
Structure of the Spiritual Gatherings

Current Structure of the Gatherings:

1      Candles lit prior or while people arrive.

2      People say hellos and briefly visit.

3      Brief introduction and welcoming (11:00 AM)

4      Guided meditation that includes being grateful for, opening to, and receiving/experiencing the unconditional divine love and light, goodness, grace, love, joy, health, wholeness, wisdom, awareness, compassion, creativity, laughter, inspiration, clarity, motivation, growth, bliss, prosperity, harmony, gratitude, and peace. (20-30 min)

5      Contribution and receiving:
This is an informal time for discussion, sharing experiences of the guided meditation, or sharing insights, a story, a poem, doing guided movement, and/or singing. 

6      Lightening up:
With many of us making spirituality, our spiritual practice or our relationship with God a bit too serious, this is a time to lighten up, be playful, share something funny, sing, stretch, laugh and remember the lightness, love and joy within us.

7      Health and Healing:
Time to receive and give healings. The structure of this time varys depending on the gathering.  It usually includes guided prayers/meditation, calling forth and sending healings for/to specific people, situations, family and friends, communities, parts of the world…earth, and all life everywhere.  Healing requests are welcome.

8      Thanksgiving and gratitude meditation that includes being grateful for all the gifts, love, light, goodness, grace, joy, health, wholeness, laughter, inspiration, prosperity, awakening, harmony, and peace in our lives and on the earth.

9      Closing. (We are usually complete by 12:00 or 12:15.)

Note: The gatherings vary week to week. Currently, the above steps (i.e. 3 & 4, and 7, 8, & 9) are combined into two angelically guided meditations with some sharing and lightening up in between.  

After the structured part of the gathering, people are welcome to stay and visit with each other.  


The meeting place:
We will be meeting in the living room of a home or in nearby meeting room. The home is not "childproofed" but young children could quietly play or color on their own.

There is a shy cat that lives in the house.